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pepper's music journal


20 November
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  • inkymidnight@livejournal.com
  • peppermcgowan
I'm a singer-songwriter. I am moody. I am generous. I'm selfish sometimes. I wish my metaphorical exoskeleton were a little thicker sometimes.

I had a kinda crappy health year, that sort of messed up my music plans. I'm slowly coming back. In the meantime, I run a community, at she_reads_stars That has nothing to do with music of mine.

There is also a community here about my music at peppermcgowan that is totally fan run and I have no say in but appreciate nonetheless.

Thanks for visiting. Hope something I do or say can make your day less crappy!
My pets along with a handful of kindred spirits in my microworld help keep me sane and help me deal with the macroworld sometimes.